Some have called this presidential race "The Year of the Outsider". 

But if Trump, Hillary, Cruz, or Bernie don't seem to hold your interest, keep in mind there's plenty of other candidates looking to make their way into the White House.

Out of all the American citizens running for President in 2016, some of the stranger candidates include a self professed time traveler

An unemployed former American Idol contestant

former Marine who legally changed his name to Santa. He also said he'd make his cat Vice President, if elected.

Then, there's this guy

Click HERE for the complete list. Just take a look at some of those names. There's DAT PHAT A$$, The Antichrist, Lil Based God B, Rocky Balboa, Buddy the Cat, Kermit Frog, AYYY LMAO, Beast Mode, Dick Your Mom Pound, and Buddy the Elf, just name a few.

Frustrated with where America is headed? Well, then keep these hard working folks in mind.