This isn't exactly news for those who travel about in the Hudson Valley, but the website Only In Your State has quite the fascinating article on the Taconic State Parkway.

Many of us have traveled the Taconic. And while the road is known for its rich history and scenery, it's also a fact that it can be quite deadly.

According to the site, the 104-mile long road was the scene to 2,080 accidents during a three-year period. Most of which happened in Westchester and Putnam counties alone.

Over a seven-year period up till 2015, New York State Troopers had issued nearly 54,000 tickets to people traveling the Taconic. Once again, the majority of those infractions happened in Westchester and Putnam.

Most of the Taconic is only two lanes. It's also narrow, windy and full of hills. This makes makes it treacherous enough.

Sadly, aggressive drivers are mostly to blame for all the accidents.

We've all certainly seen our share of wreckage and twisted guard rails while traveling the road.