The recent snow may have delayed the inevitable, but it is that time of year when millions of amphibious wildlife begin to emerge from their long winter hibernation. As temperatures continue to rise, the New York State Department of Conservation reminds everyone to watch the roads as many of these animals will be making their annual trek across the region.

Soon the welcome sound of spring peepers will be heard in the distance if it hasn't already started to happen in some areas.

Rare Salamander Makes a Trip Through the Snow in New York State 

The NY DEC shared a video of a snow-covered spotted salamander (or, Ambystoma maculatum) slowly making its way through the Shindagin Hollow State Forest. Spotted salamanders are found all along the East coast, though it is a bit unusual to see one emerging while snow is still on the ground, such as in this video.

The DEC explains that a mild winter and recent rains may have prematurely awoken the small species of amphibian, or perhaps there was a disturbance to the salamander’s overwinter site. The DEC's video was shared on their social media on March 22, though they did not indicate when the video was actually taken.

The DEC says that salamanders aren't seen too often above ground, for they prefer to spend their time in tunnels beneath the forest floor, feeding on earthworms, insects, and snails. The cold-blooded species prefers a temperature range of 55 to 65 F. and will come out in early Spring every year to migrate to breeding pools.

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Spotted salamanders are found all across New York, though they are only one of many species in the state.

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