I used to be the grocery store queen. I’d go to at least three different grocery stores a week. One for produce, a different one for household goods, yet another one fish and chicken. That was before the pandemic. And now I haven’t stepped foot inside a grocery store for six months. I’m just not ready. How do I do it? I thought you’d never ask. Since mid March I’ve only been shopping at small stores, farmers markets, and drug stores that have less than 5 cars in the parking lot. It’s been challenging, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. 

Alternatives to the Grocery Store

Do  I pay more for things? Probably, but it’s worth it to me to have peace of mind. I’m pretty proud of how I’ve been able to  stay away from big stores and avoid the crowds. If going to the grocery store gives you the heebie jeebies, then try not going for a while. Hope my tips help.



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