The man suspected of killing 18 people in a mass shooting caught the attention of New York State Police in July while acting "erratically" in the Hudson Valley.

On Wednesday, Robert Card allegedly walked into a bowling alley in Maine brandishing a semi-automatic weapon and began shooting. Six men and one woman were killed before Card reportedly traveled to a bar across town where 11 additional people were shot to death.

A manhunt has been underway looking for Card who is said to be armed and dangerous.

Suspected Gunman Spent Summer in Hudson Valley

As more information has come to light about Robert Card, we've learned that he spent the summer right here in the Hudson Valley and drew the attention of State Police after those around him feared he could turn violent.

Lewiston Maine Police Department/Canva
Lewiston Maine Police Department/Canva

According to ABC News, Card is a U.S. Army reserve sergeant who was deployed over the summer at Camp Smith Training Center in Cortlandt Manor. That's where officials say they were concerned for his safety after he was witnessed "behaving erratically".

Card was said to be involved in online conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being stolen and Joe Biden stealing secret documents. The reservist's behavior became more violent as he allegedly threatened soldiers with violence. Card's threats were so credible that state troopers were reportedly stationed outside Camp Smith as a "precaution".

On July 17, Card was directed by his commanders to receive medical treatment and was transported by New York State Police to a hospital at the West Point Military Academy for an evaluation.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Why Was Card Released in the Hudson Valley?

Questions remain about why military authorities allowed Card to be released, especially since his behavior was so violent that police were called in to beef up armed security at Camp Smith. West Point officials have distanced themselves from Card, telling ABC News that the suspected gunman was not assigned to the camp as an instructor, although his unit was tasked with supporting the summer training at Camp Smith.

We take matters such as this very seriously, and our primary concern is ensuring that all legal and appropriate actions are taken in accordance with our commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct among our Soldiers and civilian personnel.


Could Card be Planning a Return to the Hudson Valley?

There is no indication that Card had any plans to travel to the Hudson Valley. Police in Maine are focusing their search on the local area and executing search warrants. There are reports that a suicide note written by Card has been uncovered by police. This is a fast-changing story. You can receive alerts as new information is released by downloading our mobile app.

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