Some people absolutely swear by their air fryers. The simple convection ovens that heat food by circulating hot air, and can also fit on your countertop, have become all the rage. They'll heat up everything from leftovers, vegetables, lean meat, and even frozen foods. They can also help prepare your food without preheating, and do it all with less grease and calories for a healthier plate. But you may want to take notice of this latest safety recall. Is your fryer in danger of overheating?

Recall Notice

CBS is reporting that 772,000 air fryers and air fryer ovens are being recalled by retail store Best Buy after over 100 incidents. The recall notice was posted Thursday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of the reported incidents have led to the air fryers catching fire, burning, or melting. CBS says that if you happen to own the model of air fryer being recalled you should stop using it immediately and return it for a refund.

The reports say that two injuries were reported, including one to a child's leg. there were also reports of minor damage caused by the fryers to consumers'' property.

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What Model Numbers are Being Recalled?

The recall involves the Insignia Digital Air Fryers, Insignia Analog Air Fryers and Insignia Air Fryer Ovens with the following model numbers:

  • NS-AF32DBK9
  • NS-AF32MBK9
  • NS-AF50MBK9
  • NS-AF53DSS0
  • NS-AF53MSS0
  • NS-AF55DBK9

The notice says that the recalled fryers were sold at Best Buy stores and online from November 2018 through February 2022. CBS says that the name Insignia can be found on the top or front of each fryer, and a rating label can also be found on the underside. You'll be able to identify the brand and model number there.

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