A group called the Radical University Professionals are holding a rally at Peace Park on Hasbrouck Avenue in New Paltz, and actress Cynthia Nixon will be the appearing at the rally. According to an article in the Daily Freeman, the rally will be held Tuesday, May 8 at noon. The rally is to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo’s economic development policies, call for an increase in SUNY funding and push for a fair contract with United University Professions for SUNY New Paltz’s faculty and staff.

Nixon is running against Governor Cuomo in the 2018 election.  She is scheduled to speak at the rally and will be joined by Jen Metzger. Metzger is a Rosendale councilwoman and is running for the New York State Senate in the 42nd District.

Radical University Professionals says they are an independent faculty and staff organization and not related to any other group that represents SUNY New Paltz faculty or staff.