If you're looking for a smaller area, or just maybe you're just sick of being surrounded by too many loud and annoying neighbors...you might be interested in this.

Ever wonder where the smallest town, village, or hamlet is in the Hudson Valley population wise? According to the data posted at NY Upstate, The United States Census 2017 population estimates reveal that the place in the Hudson Valley with the smallest population is the Village of Hardenburgh, located in the Catskills.

According to Wikipedia, Hardenburgh is located in the northwestern part of Ulster County, and was named after landowner Johannes Hardenburgh. It was established in 1859 from the Towns of Denning and Shandaken. The Beaver Kill stream is located near the south part of town. 

Wikipedia says that you'll find historical sites such as the Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Observation Station, Coykendall Lodge, and Grant Mills Covered Bridge in Hardenburgh.

September 2009 Google Maps shot from nearby Arkville:

Google Maps
Google Maps

NY Upstate says that as of 2017, only 230 residents call Hardenburgh home.

One of the reasons for such a small population is it's remote location. Because it's deep in the Catskill region, the only direct route from Hardenburgh to the rest of the county are hiking trails. Any vehicular traffic must go through either Sullivan or Delaware Counties.

If you think 230 is a small population, there are sixteen towns in New York with even smaller populations than Hardenburgh. The smallest? According to the Census data, the smallest town in the state is the town of Red House in Cattaraugus County, with a population of only 34.

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