Here it is, week 3 of isolation. Or is it week 4? It feels like it’s been 6 months. But anyway, now that we’ve all been isolated from each other for close to a month, I think we all have a new appreciation for things we took for granted just a month ago.

I guess what I miss and appreciate more than ever is the freedom. The freedom to have a meal with good friends. The freedom to wander around a store aimlessly just to pass the time. The freedom to run out to get something I need or want. The freedom to not be afraid of getting sick or hurt and not being able to seek medical treatment. The freedom of seeing and hugging your siblings, children, grandchildren, or anyone you love. The freedom to celebrate birthdays and marriages, and to properly say goodbye to our loved ones.

I’ve been lucky in that I still get to go to work everyday. But I know people who now appreciate their jobs more than they ever did. Not to mention those who aren’t getting paychecks or have lost their jobs altogether. There is definitely a new appreciation for work.

No doubt we are learning from this experience. When it’s all over I think we will be a wiser, healthier and more prepared country. And I think we will all walk away with a new appreciation of even the smallest things in life. In the meantime, stay safe and be well.

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