They said it was going to be a record-setting storm, but as night fell there was still nothing on the ground.

Early Wednesday, many schools throughout the Hudson Valley decided to cancel classes even though forecasts were calling for only light snow until the afternoon.  During a winter where there have been so many school closings, it was surely a tough call, but one that some parents didn't agree with.

Angry Facebook posts started appearing in the afternoon, with parents frustrated that school had been canceled and there wasn't even one flake falling from the sky. One person wrote "I wasted a personal day for nothing. Could’ve saved it for a nice summer day but nope used a day for this." Other districts played it smart, opening school when there was no snow and preparing to send kids home early in the event that it started to come down. At least one school showed restraint by only delaying classes until it was clear that there would be no snow. A grateful parent posted "Pine plains was on a two hour delay yesterday... at least the day was saved!!"

Schools weren't the only ones who seemed to jump the gun. Another angry Facebook user wrote "How about that Tractor Trailer ban?? Only off by 12 hours." Winter storm advisories were posted all over our area and traffic bans were implemented, but nothing ever came.

Of course, the Hudson Valley did eventually get some snow overnight, which has already triggered school delays for this morning, adding insult to injury for many parents who are running out of personal time off from work.

We want to know what you think about yesterday's non-snow event for most of the Hudson Valley. Were you frustrated by officials jumping the gun, or do you think it's better to be safe than sorry?  Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.