A Hudson Valley native is struggling to care for his young daughter who was shot while sleeping in her own bed.

Michael Hinton says he's a proud person, but he's had no choice but to ask for help dealing with a horrific family tragedy. Hinton's daughter, Aacuria, was involved in a bizarre shooting earlier this year that still remains a mystery.

According to police, Aacuria was asleep on the top bunk in her bedroom when a bullet was shot into the room. Reports say the bullet struck her in the shoulder, traveled through her body and exited out of her face. The young girl was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Upon arriving at the scene, police found broken glass at the entrance to the home and bullet holes in the door and window. Fox 8 reported that a car in the family's driveway was also targeted by bullets. Sadly, neighbors say this isn't an isolated incident.

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According to News 12, Michael Hinton is a native of Wappingers Falls, formerly an employee of Vassar Brothers Hospital. He recently transferred to Albany but his daughter lives in Greensboro, North Carolina where this type of random violence is currently on the rise.

Go Fund Me
Go Fund Me

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help Hinton spend time helping his daughter recover. The Wappingers native says the only concern he has now is for Aacuria's health.

My only focus is to be here with my daughter every second I can be, but traveling and medical cost is expensive. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a proudful person and asking for help is not something I was always good at but this situation is not about me it is about Aacuria and her road to recovery so I'm asking for whatever little donation can be donated to my daughter so that her family can focus on her recovery and not the headache of hospital bills and travel expensives.

So far just over $6,000 has been raised. Aacuria has spent two months in the hospital where she underwent three surgeries. After losing part of her tongue, jaw and face, Aacuria still needs two additional surgeries. Those interested in helping out the Hinton family can donate on the official Go Fund Me page.

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