Sure, technology is a good thing. Because of technology, we’ve made amazing medical breakthroughs. We can communicate with our loved ones so much easier and cheaper than in the past. We used to have to wait until after 11pm to make long distance calls so we could get the cheap rates. And who’s not addicted to Facebook? Which is probably not a good thing. Anyway, there is a lot I hate about technology, and I’ve made a list.

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    So Rude

    I hate that it’s become perfectly acceptable to be rude. I’ve been in conversations with people who have no problem looking at their cell phone while we’re talking. And sometimes they even text during our conversation. You realize I can see you, right?

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    Everyone's Blogging

    Blogging. This is the day and age of digital everything, and every radio station wants their on air personalities to blog. Which is what I am doing right now. Ugh.

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    Selfies. I have never taken a picture of myself. It’s so weird how people will put themselves out there. And so many selfies don’t even look like the person. Between filters and odd angles, everybody is a supermodel. Unfortunately, you’ll have to face a mirror sooner or later.

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    The idea that you can be reached at anytime. I have a love/hate thing about cell phones. They’re great because you can always call someone, especially in an emergency. I feel a lot safer when I travel because of cell phones. On the other hand, anybody can reach you. No matter where you are. I hate that.

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    Hashtags. What are they anyway? What are they good for? #cutebaby, #mylovelyhome, #lookatmydinner. What is this all about? I’m pretty sure I don’t care about any of those things.

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    Clickbait. Sorry to any of my colleagues who are guilty of this, but I hate it. I’ve come to the point where I’m more likely to read someone’s article if it just says please read me than if it says tragic, outrageous, or unbelievable.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Technology Is Everywhere

    Technology is inescapable. As much as I want to avoid it, the world won’t allow me to. I’ve been able to hold on to my little flip phone and I’d like to keep it that way. But it’s not easy. I just read an article about being able to get into restrooms in San Francisco only if you download an app. Really? Now I need an app to take a pee?