Eggbert, a large talking egg, appears at Devitt's Nursery in New Windsor each December, signaling the beginning of the holiday season in the Hudson Valley. But how much do you really know about 'ole Eggbert? Here are 6 amazing facts about everyone's favorite holiday egg.

1) Eggbert used to sell real eggs
Eggbert was originally created by Cornell University to help sell eggs. He was even an attraction at The World's Fair. In 1971 Jack Devitt purchased Eggbert for an undisclosed sum and turned him into a greeter for Christmas on the farm.

2) Eggbert is heavier than you think
According to Joe Gizzarelli, current owner of Devitt's, Eggbert is made of plexiglass and weighs around 80lbs. For an egg that is only 2 feet tall with a waistline of 3 feet, that's a pretty unhealthy BMI. But then again, what do you expect from a giant, cholesterol-laden egg?

Eggbert in the 70s (Courtesy of Devitt's Nursery)

3) Eggbert is 43 years old
Everyone's favorite holiday egg made his Christmas debut in 1971. Since then he's greeted hundreds of thousands of Hudson Valley children and shared their holiday wishes with Santa. Having a photo taken with Eggbert has become a rite of passage. Even Santa himself has been known to make a visit just to take a selfie with the holiday egg.

4) Rumors of Eggbert's death have been greatly exaggerated
In 2000 Eggbert disappeared for almost 12 years. During that time many people believed that he was lost in a fire. In fact, the rumor was so rampant that some didn't believe it when it was announced in 2011 that the original Eggbert had returned.

Eggbert in the 90s (Courtesy of Devitt's Nursery)

5) Eggbert has some long-lost relatives
When Mr. Devitt ran his farm back in the 70s Eggbert was actually just one of a few other marketing mascots. Punky the talking pumpkin would greet children between Halloween and Thanksgiving, plus there was Petunia the pig and her litter of piglets. But none of them, according to an article that ran in The New York Times back in 2011, were as beloved as Eggbert.

6) The secret to how Eggbert knows your name
One of the most fascinating things about Eggbert is that he mysteriously knows the names of every boy and girl who comes to visit him each year.  After arriving at the farm, children put on their nametags and head out to see the farm animals, Christmas displays and Eggbert himself. By the time they finally get to see the holiday egg, each and every child is personally greeted... by name! Now we can finally reveal how he does it....

Devitt's Nursery

By magic, of course!

For more information on visiting Eggbert and other special holiday programs at Devitt's Nursery on Route 32 in New Windsor you can visit their website.