Time capsules are a fascinating find. Once opened, you can peer inside and get at least some idea of what was going on in your town many years ago. Well, either we have a case of theft on our hands, or this may be one very dull town we're talking about.

ABC says that officials in Derry, New Hampshire are baffled how a recently opened 50 year-old time capsule revealed nothing inside. Thing is, the capsule once sat at an old municipal building until it was torn down. It then went to the Derry Public Library, as library director Cara Potter told WMUR-TV.

Could someone have taken the items? Given where it was stored, someone must have kept an eye on it? Or maybe there was nothing inside to begin with?

The capsule was sealed in 1969.

WMUR says the combination was posted on the back, though it was difficult to open Officials are looking for answers. Either someone from the inside somehow opened it at some point and stole what was in there. Or maybe not much ever happens in Derry, NH?

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