With the expected snow in the forecast, many of us will be stuck inside the house with kids. Here are some things to keep your kids occupied, so you can keep your sanity. 

Here we are in the middle of March, waiting to get hit by a nor'easter, which is expected to drop more than a foot of snow on the Hudson Valley.

As a parent, I'm already trying to think of things to keep my kids occupied during the storm. Here are a few things that will help the time pass a little quicker during the storm.

1. Art & Crafts


Pull out all the crayons, markers, colored pencils, coloring books and construction paper. Always a good fail-safe. Let your kids express their creativity with some drawing, coloring and painting. We all have that closet or drawer full of random crafty supplies. Put them to good use!

2. Baking / Cooking 


Cupcakes anyone? Teach your children some valuable skills in the kitchen and enjoy a nice treat at the same time. Having two daughters myself, they love to help mommy and daddy out in the kitchen. Let them help make a cake, brownies or anything else that comes to mind.

3. Board Games / Puzzles

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The classic time killer: board games! Pull out all the games and puzzles you can find and challenge your kids to a round of Operation, Monopoly, or heck even Twister if you're flexible enough. I call the race car!

4. Video Games / DVDs / Netflix

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Calm down, I'm not saying let your kids melt their brains by playing video games, but it could provide a bit of quiet time for parents who need a break. No video games in the house? Then reach for the DVD rack (people still have these?) or load up Netflix and enjoy some movies or shows.

5. Dress-Up / Costume Party

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Once again, as a father of two daughters, they are constantly playing dress-up. So why not embrace it, and have some fun? Start a family band, put on a play, etc. Just let lose and enjoy the quality time.

Be safe during the storm and enjoy some relaxing time at home