Nothing is worse than showing up to the holiday party, or any party, empty-handed. It's always polite to bring a gift or a dish to a party, plus it makes everyone go "WOW" when you bring a really stellar gift. These are the top 5 locally made gifts you can bring to the holiday party this year.

A cheese platter is a timeless dish to bring to a party, and Sprout Creek Farm is known in the Hudson Valley for their cheeses. It makes sense, they've won national awards for them. Take it a step further and bring a cheese gift box from Sprout Creek. They range in price from $35 to $75.

2. Beer and Wine

Every great party needs adult beverages, it's a fact. You can get great local wine and beer anywhere in the Hudson Valley. I personally love Whitecliff Winery in Gardiner. Newburgh Brewing Company and Millhouse Brewing are great local breweries too.

What's a party without dessert? Don't bring the same old cupcakes/cookies/brownies. Step up your party game with handmade candies from Samuel's Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck. And yes, that is the candy shop 'Negan' from The Walking Dead owns.

Everyone loves carbs, and the holiday party is the perfect time to pig out. Bring a loaf of bread from Bread Alone and everyone will love you. Even better if you bring some oils to dip it in. You cannot go wrong with this choice.

5. Spirits

If the host or hostess of the party you're going to isn't a beer or wine drinker, that's no problem. The Hudson Valley is filled with distilleries too. You can grab some Hudson Valley Whiskey from Tuthiltown Spirits or a bottle from Black Dirt Distillery.


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