You've probably heard of Fortnite. The third-person "shoot em up" game, released in 2017, allows you to play on your PC, Mac, gaming console, or smart phone, and, according to Wikipedia, has drawn over 125 million players in just one year.

It's safe to say that people across the world are pretty into the game. Some, maybe too into it. 

That's the case with one particular man from Huntington, New York. According to the NY Post, and Suffolk County Police, the 45 year-old repeatedly threatened to shoot his online opponent in real life, who had just soundly beaten him at Fortnite.

I am going to find you with a gun. You dead. I will come to your house tonight and f--- your world up.

Thing is, his opponent was an 11 year-old boy. Police say the suspect even threatened to shoot the boy at his school. This is taking the term sore loser to a whole new level. Or maybe just loser.

Officials say the the threats were sent by voice and text through an online chat feature which lets players communicate with each other. Taunting, cursing, and name calling are common for gamers, but police took these threats very seriously.