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Winning a lottery would be a life-changer. Suddenly having all that money and not having to worry about anything financial. It seems life would be better, for sure. But the chances of that happening are pretty slim. I have found, however, three really simple and cheap things that have changed my life.

My plastic pig pan scraper. Washing cooked on gook from pots and pans is a messy job. The gook sticks to the sponge, and it doesn’t come off very easily. I hated washing pots and pans. Until I got my pot scraper. The gook scrapes off like a breeze. I bought a bunch of them and gave them to my friends. We all agree the pan scraper is an awesome little life changer.

My extendable snow brush. For years I would get snow all over myself trying to get the snow off the roof of my car. And I’m short. I usually would end up with a snow stripe in the middle of my roof. Like a skunk. Last year I got an extendable snow brush. No more skunk stripe and I stay relatively dry and snow-free.

My little plastic adhesive towel grabber. It’s crazy, but I wanted a kitchen towel close at hand that would stay securely on the hanger. This thing is a winner. It takes up hardly any room and keeps the towel there even while you’re drying your hands.

There you have it. Three very simple things that make life easier. And their combined costs still come in at a pretty cheap price. It’s not a lottery win, but anything that makes life easier is a winner in my book.