And the question was always the same; every single time.

After being on the air for over thirty years, you'd assume Jeopardy! would have to repeat some answers. But when it comes to questions about Poughkeepsie, we see a pattern developing.

While digging through an extensive online archive of answers from the show we found 16 instances that Poughkeepsie was presented as part of an answer that always had the exact same question.

During the show's history there were three times Poughkeepsie became a part of a question about being New York's first capitol and on October of 2005 the city was mentioned in a question about Gene Hackman's famous "feet-picking in Poughkeepsie" line from The French Connection. But all sixteen of the other mentions had the exact same question: "What is Vassar College?"

We're not sure if there's a Vassar alum who writes all of the questions for the show and tries to sneak in a mention of their alma mater whenever possible, or if Vassar is just the only thing the folks at Jeopardy! know about our area. Either way, here are all of the times the same question was "What is Vassar College?"

November 15, 1991: "In 1861 a Poughkeepsie, New York brewer founded this women's college; it's since become co-educational."

February 14, 1996: "The main building at this Poughkeepsie college was based on the Tuileries."

January 28, 1997 (Daily Double): "The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at this college in Poughkeepsie has prints by Rembrandt."

May 27, 1998: "Grandma still has the diaries she wrote at this Poughkeepsie school before it went co-ed."

December 25, 1998: "In 1980 William F. Buckley told off students at this Poughkeepsie school who disinvited him to commencement."

May 25, 2000: "This Poughkeepsie, New York school was the first of the Seven Sisters to be coeducational."

November 16, 2000: "Founded in 1861, this Poughkeepsie school became the first of the Seven Sisters to go co-ed, with 40 WWII veterans."

September 20, 2001: "Money from the golden nectar (beer category) was used to start this women's liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York"

November 17, 2004: "Meryl Streep starred in a campus production of “Miss Julie” as an undergrad at this Poughkeepsie college."

March 17, 2006: "In 1865 this school in Poughkeepsie became the first women's college in the U.S. to have facilities equal to the men's schools."

January 25, 2007: "A successful brewer, Matthew Vassar opened his namesake college for women in 1861 in this N.Y. city." (Technically the correct question to this one is "What is Poughkeepsie.)

July 27, 2007: "This liberal arts college that went co-ed in 1969 is located in Poughkeepsie."

May 14, 2008: " In 1861 a brewer with this last name gave $408,000 to the trustees at a Poughkeepsie women's college."

June 16, 2008: "This Poughkeepsie school was the first of the seven sisters to be coeducational."

January 1, 2009: "This Poughkeepsie, N.Y. graduator was the first of the "7 Sisters" to go co-ed--in 1969, too late for me, darn it!."

July 10, 2013: " This Poughkeepsie college was founded in 1861, but the Civil War delayed its opening until 1865."

According to the online archive, that's all of the Poughkeepsie mentions. But there have been several more Vassar College questions asked on the show over the past five years.

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