500 gallons of raw sewage per minute was flowing into the Hudson River this week.

An alert was sent out by the Poughkeepsie Water Pollution Control Plant warning residents that sewage was spewing out of the plant into the Hudson River. The breach began on Tuesday, September 25 at 8am.

According to the municipality, 500 gallons per minute were released into the Hudson River until the discharge ended just before 2pm on Wednesday. In total, almost 1 million gallons of sewage was released into the river.

This video from 2016 shows what sewage looks like after making it's way to the Hudson River

The alert explains that heavy storms this week's produced so much rain that the water overloaded the system, causing the release of partially treated sewage.

It's not clear exactly what impact the sewage release will have on the public areas of the Hudson River. Many residents rely on the Hudson River for their drinking water, which is heavily filtered and treated before making its way into people's homes, schools and businesses.