You don't expect to find something like this when you order takeout. The story begins with a woman who simply wanted to enjoy some chicken wings. She had ordered takeout Friday from a nearby restaurant. However, she would soon lose her appetite as her order had inadvertently included something else with her chicken wings she most certainly did not want. Now, her ordeal has gone viral across the internet, as many share their own restaurant nightmare stories

WIVB reports that the South Williamsport, Pennsylvania woman had ordered fried chicken wings from the local establishment Friday. but when her order arrived, she noticed one of the fried "wings" had an odd shape to it. Well, it wasn't a chicken wing. It was a chicken head. Of course, what do you do in today's world when you encounter something like this? You take it to social media. her post has since been shared thousands of times.

I just feel like, I should make a post about it because who finds a chicken head? I wasn’t trying to slander anyone, it was just funny to me.

WIVB says that the restaurant offered a refund and has apologized. The restaurant sys they've been in contact with their wing provider. Makes you almost think twice ever wanting to order takeout again?

So, while this is a case where a person found something in their food they didn't want, have you heard about this woman who something more? So much so, she actually plans to sue about it. is reporting that a woman is suing Kellogg's because their Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries don't contain any strawberries, and instead other fruits. The suit claims that the snacks actually contain more pears and apples, which doesn't provide a strawberry’s nutritional benefit.

TMZ says the class-action suit is claiming the damages exceed $5 million dollars. Why the woman hasn't actually gone out to her nearest produce stand and actually bought some real strawberries for consumption remains a total mystery

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