A class-action lawsuit against a popular cold medicine could earn you a check up to $57 or even more if you kept your receipts.

A pharmaceutical company has been forced to pay their customers $16 million in damages after making unlawful claims about their product. If you've used cold medicine at any time since February 15, 2011, you could be owed some cash.

Customers who purchased any Zicam product can head over to the class-action lawsuit's website and make a claim. If you don't have receipts for your purchase, don't worry. Customers can make up to five claims without having to show any proof of purchase. That means you can get back up to $57 if you purchased RapidMets Original, which is listed as having a MSRP of $11.53.

If you do have receipts or proof of purchase, you can claim up to as many purchases as you want in the suit.

Claims must be submitted by October 3, and more information about the settlement can be found on this website.