Lets have some as we rejoice and get even fatter!

Odd food pairings are the thing. That's nothing new...

This, however, might be one food combination we all can live with. Next time you're in the city you might want to check out Stuffed Ice Cream in the East Village. Yes, it's a place that serves doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

The NY Post says it's the brainchild of 24 year-old Jackie Luu who had discovered the high calorie snack while in California. Luu reached out to friend and a former pharmacy technician named Alan Yaung, who claims to have no culinary background or training at all. Yaung, who was sick of his job at Duane Reade, was ready for something else.

The two Brooklyn men figured it was time to bring the snack to the East Coast. They're method? Luu said they just Googled a recipe and tweaked it a bit.

Check it out if you've got nothing better to do! Just make sure you make a day of it and do plenty of walking around the city to try to burn off the ten thousand calories you probably just consumed.