It never gets old when someone shows me where they "find" WPDH. On backs of old cars, carved in a corn maze, in other parts of the world, it's so cool to see the home of rock and roll live on in so many places.

That's why when Paul Albanese, one of the assistant principals at John Jay High School, shared these pictures with us we had to share them with you.

Over the summer, John Jay is replacing the lockers that students have been using for close to fifty years. While they were emptying the lockers, school officials saw how students personalized their space with PDH bumper stickers, old album jackets and PDH graffiti through the decades.

How about you? If you went to John Jay or any other high school, how did you stake your territory? What made your locker, yours?

Congrats to past and present students and administrators on 50 years of service to the youth of the Hudson Valley and we're glad WPDH is a small part of that history.