Hudson Valley classic rock fans were irate this weekend after a glitch ruined the annual top 500 countdown.

In a public apology issued this morning during The Boris & Robyn Show, WPDH Operations Manager Joe Limardi explained a computer "glitch" was responsible for the epic fail.

Listeners who tuned in all weekend to hear the top 500 were cheated out of the top two songs when they failed to play at 7pm. What made matters worse was the fact that Limardi recalculated this year's countdown, changing the rankings of many long-time top songs making it impossible to guess what the final two would ultimately be. Stairway To Heaven, which traditionally falls at the number one spot was ranked 15 this year. Freebird, another top 10 staple, only reached 24 on the chart.

The debacle caused many WPDH listeners to share their disappointment on the radio station's official Facebook page. Maureen Reilly wrote "What the hell??? You stop the top 500 countdown at #3??? What are the top 2????" Another listener chimed in saying "We all really need a public apology for your mess up . I sat the whole weekend with my sons listening to broadcast radio so they can not only appreciate classic rock but so they can know about radio stations instead of sitting on their phones all day .. and the top two tracks where never played."

Limardi says he wishes he could go back in time and make sure the error never happened, but since he can't do that he's rescheduled the top ten songs to be played in their entirety at 5pm on Tuesday.