Apparently, she was lovin' it a little too much. A woman who was on a meat and animal product fast for Lent is claiming that the popular fast food chain, McDonald's, caused her to break Lent. How did this happen, according to her? The woman says all it took was a simple advertisement, and she was suddenly craving a Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets. Now, she is suing the establishment.

The Guardian is reporting that the woman is accusing McDonald's of breaking the consumer protection law, and also for insulting her religious feelings. Reports indicate she is seeking the American equivalent of $14 as compensation for sustained moral damage. That's all? What ever happened to self control?  She claims she had fasted successfully for Lent for 16 years until April 2019, when she finally caved in after the alleged advertisements and ordered a hamburger. The rest of the details are still scarce, though no one is certain this case will ever actually be heard in front of a judge.

You may remember back in June, when a video of a wild brawl at a McDonald's went viral all over the internet. And it reportedly all started because a customer wanted three different slushy flavors mixed together, and the McDonald's employees refused  The video shows the irate 44-year-old customer screaming at and confronting the restaurant employees behind the counter. An employee can be heard telling the others to call the cops. This only makes the customer even angrier, as she suddenly swings and hits the manager on duty in the head.

After more verbal exchange, the customer briefly appears to calm down and even offers an apology. She wasn't sorry for too long though. After filling up her glass with ice, she proceeds behind the counter towards the slushy machine and is again confronted by the employee. That's when things really get crazy. The customer attacks, but the McDonald's employee fights back and throws her to the ground. The fed up worker jumps on top of the out of control woman and pummels her. Guess she learned her lesson?

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