Haven't we heard this before? In yet another case of better late than never, a Wisconsin woman returned a book to a library in Queens that was first checked out in 1957. If you're doing the math, that's 63 years overdue. The woman said the book was lost years ago, but was not sure what to do with it when she found it years later. Who would want to get nailed with that overdue fee?

UPI is reporting that 74 year-old Betty Diamond checked out the book Ol' Paul, the Mighty Logger, from a branch of the Queens Public Library back when Dwight Eisenhower was still our President. The book was a collection of Paul Bunyan short stories by author Glen Rounds.

Diamond apparently felt bad for holding on to the book for so long, for she included a $500 donation to the library when she finally mailed the book back to New York. While the donation was certainly appreciated, it wasn't necessary, according to the chief librarian of the Queens Public Library, He said that the library stops charging fees after just seven years. One could imagine the fee a book overdue for 63 years would be?

If this story sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking of another recent case involving a book long overdue book. A book on the life of Teddy Roosevelt was returned to the Amagansett Free Library 72 years late. That's not the only one.  In 2019, a New Jersey man returned a copy of The Family Book of Verse, which he had checked out from his school library in Fairlawn, after 53 years. The chief librarian of the Queens Public Library was there's an estimated 11,000 books out there that seven or more years overdue. Maybe it's time we clean out some of our old belongings?

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