The End is nigh!

A 34 year-old woman is in quite a bit of trouble with the law. Crystal Marshall, however, claims that God commanded her to do it. She told authorities that the rapture was coming and that she was under orders from the Almighty Himself.

So what did she do?

Marshall allegedly crashed her car through a Walmart.

A Camden woman told police "God told her to do it" after they say she crashed her car into the Walmart.

WYFF reports that police in Camden, South Carolina were called at about 10:25 p.m. Tuesday after the vehicle went through the building.

According to the incident report, the driver "was standing in the middle of the crowd and was screaming and causing a huge disturbance."

Marshall has been charged with malicious injury to real property and disorderly conduct.

Not surprisingly, Marshall later recanted her story and admitted to intentionally driving the car through the store.