Well, this one way to initiate a break up.

A man named Lawrence J. Ripple walked into the Brotherhood Bank and Trust branch with note saying he had a gun and wanted money. The 70 year-old man handed it to the teller who gave him three thousand dollars.

You'd figure he'd make every attempt to allude capture, but instead of running Ripple did the unthinkable and simply sat down in the bank's lobby.

He admitted to the security guards at the Kansas City, Kansas bank that he was the their suspect.

So why did he do it?

Seems the desperate man wanted to get away from his wife after the two got into a bad fight.

The cause of the argument is not known, however it looks like the embattled husband will get his way. He won't be around his wife for a while.

According to Reuters, he was moved to a federal facility in Leavenworth, Kansas.