Some people are scared enough of clowns to begin with.

This story however is just plain bizarre.

WPMI reports that an elementary, middle school, and high school in Flomaton, Alabama were placed on lock down Thursday because of a strange message posted by clowns on Facebook.


WGME reports that a group of people referring to themselves as the Floma Klowns posted threatening messages that included gun emojis and other ominous things such as "I love kids."

Concerned parents contacted the schools and they were placed on lock down as investigators combed the scene.

There were no clowns ever sighted and the schools lifted the lock down shortly afterwards.

Police speculate it could have been a prank.

And while it all may seem like a bit of overreaction, you never can be too careful nowadays.

There have been some weird stories in other parts of the country of people dressed as clowns scaring kids and even trying to lure them into the woods.