When you use Facebook Marketplace, you can find some really good deals. Can you find some bizarre items? In Utica, someone is selling this deer coffee table. Is it real?

According to the posting, yes, it's real:

I'm selling a Fawn Coffee Table for $650.00. Originally priced at $1600.00. The fawn was killed by a car and I brought it back to life. Serious inquiries only please"

So, the table has a real dead stuffed deer inside. Many would raise an eyebrow to that, but the seller has posted their argument why it's beautiful, and not creepy:

If you can't look at it because it's so beautiful, yet not moving around, think if it as a stuffed animal and keep the negative comments to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all."

The seller reminds Central New Yorkers to love the wildlife around us:

It is not cheap to have a small, life-size animal, mounted by any taxidermist, and I used one of the best taxidermist here in NY, and around our country"

If you're interested, the posting is on Facebook for $650.

Take a look at these photos:

Mike Nicolosi via Facebook Marketplace
Mike Nicolosi via Facebook Marketplace
Mike Nicolosi via Facebook Marketplace
Mike Nicolosi via Facebook Marketplace
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