A woman who was captured on camera engaging in an unprovoked assault against an Asian couple was wearing a mask advertising a local Hudson Valley business.

The horrific incident happened on Monday in New York City,  Maria Ha was on her way to a photo shoot when she says a woman walked up to her and screamed "You’re not from here. Go back to communist China bitch."

Ha and the man she was with decided to call the woman out over her comments, filming the confrontation with their phones. After arguing with the couple and continuing to insult them, the woman leaned out of a taxi and once again told them to leave the country. The taxi driver then decided to not drive away and kept the cab parked while the couple approached again.  They asked if she had just told them to go back to China and the woman responded "Well isn’t that where you’re from?"

The incident happened just one day before eight Asian women were targeted by a shooter in Atlanta and killed.

(NSFW and racist language)

Residents of the Hudson Valley noticed that the woman in the video was wearing a facemask promoting a popular local music venue and cocktail bar in Woodstock. It's unclear how the woman obtained the mask, but owners of Colony in Woodstock were not pleased to have her representing their business. In a statement on their Facebook page, owners Neil and Alexia Howard condemned the woman's remarks and said she was not welcome in their establishment.

Please understand the Colony has absolutely no connection with this person in any way shape or form other than she happens to be wearing one of our masks. We find her attitude, words and actions to be absolutely abhorrent and sickening... we are just heartbroken to have our logo associated with this unfortunate event in any way. Anyone espousing such hate-filled sentiments is not welcome to attend events at our establishment.

The Howards went on to announce that all future sales of their facemasks would be donated to "organizations devoted to working against racism, discrimination and hate, and working to dismantle white supremacy."


News outlets have since outted the woman in the video as Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The incident is currently under investigation by New York City police.

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