The summer is wrapping up and we're already seeing predictions about the cold and snowy winter months. What a bummer.

How could we talk about Hudson Valley winter and skip right over the best season in our region...fall!? I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I've seen a few trees start to change color already, and we're only in August! Are we getting a peek at early fall foliage this year?

Early Fall in the Hudson Valley?

So we're all pretty aware that we've been in a bit of a drought in the Hudson Valley. Fox News spoke with Foliage Expert Jim Salge who says the drought is a big factor in 2022. Salge told Fox News:

"Where the drought is worse, the peak is going to be really quick, really fast, and the leaves are going to come down. There are areas up along the Canadian border, all across the northern tier of the country, from Minnesota to Michigan to the Adirondacks, where the drought is a lot less severe."

Salge also adds that we should expect the colors to be "bright and early" adding "especially if we get some cold snaps coming down in September."

If we continue on a drier path, it sounds like we could indeed expect an early fall across the Hudson Valley region.

Farmers Almanac Fall Predictions for the Hudson Valley

We couldn't look into future fall foliage without taking a peek at the Farmers Almanac. They predict a "Fridged Fall Feel, Wet & White" for most of the east coast in 2022. The Farmers Almanac is also calling for  "lower-than-usual temperatures nationwide" this year for fall.

When Will the HV Hit Peak Conditions in 2022?

Well according to the Farmers Almanac it looks like we will hit peak foliage between September 28th through October 28th, adding that those dates depend on "elevation and distance from the coast."

If memory serves me correctly, in the fall of 2021 we hit peak towards the end of October.

No matter when fall decides to show up, we can all agree that the Hudson Valley is the best for leaf peeping and fun fall activities.

Scenes of Fall Foliage at Gertrude's Nose in Kerhonkson, NY

Check out the bright yellows, oranges, and deep reds peeping through at Lake Minnewaska and Gertrude's Nose.

Upstate New York Fall Foliage Trains

Stunning Listener Shots Of Upstate NY Peak Foliage

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