The Hudson River could be getting jet plowed unless you express your concern by 3pm this Monday afternoon.

Anyone with a concern about the jet plowing of the Hudson River needs to make their concerns known by Monday, Feb. 14 at 3 pm. This according to, states that the river is currently planned to be "jet plowed". The site is voicing its concern about jet plowing, and how it can affect our drinking water. The Hudson River provides drinking water to many in the region, and the jet plowing process could seriously affect drinking water.

What is Jet plowing?

According to the site, jet plowing involves machinery using high power water jets to blast away sediment. In the case of the Hudson River, it would create a trench in the riverbed. It's currently planned to happen for a significant length of the river, and churning up contaminants could pose risks of PCB exposure. PCBs that were dumped in the river many years back from General Electric remain in river sediment and can be harmful to the drinking water for seven communities in the Mid-Hudson region that use the river as a drinking source.

What is being planned?

A multi-billion-dollar energy project that involves running power transmission lines, routing Canadian electricity to NYC is in the works, disrupting the water source. Objections and concerns must be received by 3pm Monday, Feb. 14 by calling 1-800-335-2120 and leaving a recorded message with Case number "21-E-0425" or e-mail the secretary to the commission  at with Case "21-E-0425" in the subject line.

City of Newburgh Firefighters Save Dog on Frozen Hudson River

Lilly, the dog needed a little help from Truck 1 and the City of Newburgh Fire Department back on February 11th. Thankfully, she was returned to her owners without injury. Round of ap-PAWS for the City of Newburgh Fire Department for their quick response and heroic efforts.