The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile has been spotted in the Hudson Valley. If you don't have time to track it down, we know two places where you'll find it this weekend.

A stream of cars were converging on an undisclosed hotel in Poughkeepsie on Thursday afternoon after word spread that the famed Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was in town. Although the vehicle was left unattended by its drivers, that didn't stop admirers from checking it out and posing for pictures in front of the enormous, four-wheeled hot dog. Photos have even started popping up on Social Media of local "Wienermobile sightings."

Most people have seen the Wienermobile on TV or in pictures, but witnessing this giant, mobile hot dog in person is something to behold. At first, we were unsure why the Oscar Meyer promotional vehicle was even in Poughkeepsie, but after some digging we discovered an official itinerary for the vehicle that lists a couple of Hudson Valley appearances.

The Wienermobile's official app (yes, this giant hot dog has its own app) shows an appearance scheduled for Friday, Feb 26 at the Stop and Shop on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls from 11am to 4pm. Another event is scheduled the following day, on Saturday, Feb 27 at the Stop and Shop in Hyde Park from 11am to 5pm.

In the past, attendees at Wienermobile appearances have been able to take a peek inside the vehicle and even sit behind the wheel. We couldn't find an exact listing of activities planned for this weekend's events, but taking a selfie in front of the vehicle would be reason enough to stop by.

A few minutes after snapping some photos for this article we saw the wiener drive out of the lot as mysteriously as it arrived. The huge hot dog was last seen rolling north on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie near Toys R Us. So be warned, if you're driving around the Hudson Valley, the next time you look in your rear view mirror a giant wiener may be staring right back at you.