Gas prices have started creeping back up again this week. But some lucky Hudson Valley Residents may have a way to avoid paying more at the pump.

Gas price charts provided by show that New York State gas prices have recently shot up from an average of around $1.90 per gallon in the beginning of March to over $2.10 this week.

The increased price of gasoline follows a national trend that shows prices also rising across the country. Of course, even with the current increase, gas is still hovering at the lowest prices in five years. But that doesn't mean that most of us still wouldn't mind getting a break at the pump.

The good news is that next week kicks off The Boris & Robyn Show's yearly "April Fuels" campaign, where lucky listeners get to fill up for free. Tune in starting Wednesday, April 6 to find out where Meat Sandwich will be handing out free gas cards each week. Just stop in and grab yours while you can. It's our way of saying thanks for listening to WPDH in your car each morning.