Shoppers were stopped dead in their tracks this weekend after coming face to face with this enormous stack of elusive cookies.

Every year the Hudson Valley anxiously awaits the arrival of this seasonal cookie. The Mallomar quietly disappears from shelves in the Spring and is no where to be found until September.

For those who've never had one, these unique Nabisco cookies are made by topping a graham cracker with marshmallow and covering the whole thing with a thick layer of dark chocolate. Think of it as a 'smore without the campfire.

Stores throughout the Hudson Valley were stocking shelves with Mallomars this weekend, with many of them offering sales for the first week. Not picking up at least a couple of boxes would be rude, right?

Many have wondered why Mallomars mysteriously disappear over the summer. Back in the 1920s the cookies would melt while being transported from the factory to stores, so they were only produced during colder months. Even though technology has solved the melting problem, the summer hiatus has remained to this day.

So grab some Mallomars while you can, they'll be gone again before you know it.