Poughkeepsie or Kingston is on the short list of new locations for the revolutionary app's new engineering office. Seriously.

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley spoke with us about why he believes the Hudson Valley is the perfect place to open shop. According to the tech pioneer, there are an abundance of qualified workers in our area that are just what Foursquare is looking for.

Crowley says Silicon Valley used to be the only place to find talent, but that has completely changed. Foursquare has always been based in New York City and, back in 2009, people said the company was crazy for not moving out west. They proved everyone wrong and are hoping to do the same with a possible move into our area.

We talked to Crowley about the type of employees he's looking for, how to apply for a possible local job and why his crazy passion for soccer led to another critic-defying success for the city of Kingston.

If you're interested in learning more about Crowley's passion for the Hudson Valley you can read his full thoughts on the subject on a blog he recently published. And if you think you're qualified for a possible position with Foursquare, you can fill out an online job application right now.