Forget the Jersey Shore, this once popular spot in Westchester County was iconic for clubbing.

I've always heard how White Plains was a really cool spot to go clubbing and a great place have some serious fun. Many people said it felt like being in New York City, but it was way cheaper and closer to get to.One of my friends met her husband at a club in White Plains and they have been very happily married for a few years now. These are the kind of topics that I love to write about because they are all about fun and a good time.

One once popular spot in White Plains has recently gone viral on the internet and you might have some found memories of clubbing there....or none at all.

What iconic White Plains club has recently gone viral on the internet?

The Thirsty Turtle (great name by the way) was located on 201 E Post Road in White Plains. A video on TikTok has gone viral and it describes all the cool things The Thirsty Turtle had to offer.

The big things to take away from the video are:

  • it had cheap drinks
  • fun dancing
  • a great night life
  • great live music
  • outdoor patio options

Those are all very important factors when it comes to picking out a pace to check out for the night. Sadly, The Thirsty Turtle closed down. I'm bummed, I wish I would have been able to go and check it out.

A few other spots were also mentioned in the video like, Peach Trees, Marty and Lenny's and Lollipop...maybe you have some memories of those too.

Back to the turtle, Did you party at The Thirsty Turtle? Share your story with us on the station app:

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