If you've hurt your finger you can still use a touch screen, but you have to get the right kind of bandage.

I recently hurt myself in a horrible cheese grater accident. It's a long story, but my index finger wound up mangled and I needed to keep a bandage on it. While I'm expecting to make a complete recovery, I was upset to find out that my healing finger was unable to use any of my touch screens.

I was surprised that my Band-Aid wouldn't work on an iPad or iPhone, especially since I have winter gloves that are specifically made to work with touch screens. Surely, there must be at least one type of bandage that I can use to do my work and still recover from an injury.

After trying out several different types of bandages, I did find one that worked great. Check out the results below and see just how those different styles of bandages actually work on a touch screen so you can be prepared the next time you hurt your scrolling finger.