Introducing our newest bud, the Gnome of Rock n Roll! He's a cool guy who's always scouring the Hudson Valley for cool places to hang out! He won't stay in one place for long though and he's always on the move!

WPDH needs your help to find out where the Gnome of Rock n Roll is! If you can correctly tell us where he is every day, you can be entered to win a grand prize!

Where in the Hudson Valley is the Gnome of Rock N Roll?

Every day, the Gnome of Rock n Roll will take a picture in a different place around the Hudson Valley, and it's your job to tell us his location. If you guess the correct location, you will be entered in our grand prize contest. Each day you guess correctly, you'll get another entry in our grand prize. One lucky winner will receive a $500 grand prize!

Today's Gnome of Rock n Roll on December 16th. Can you Guess where he is!


How to Enter

Know where he is? Enter your guess below! Don't forget to check in every day to guess his new location!