This year we've stumbled across some of the strangest flavors of candy canes we've ever seen. And after trying all of them out, we're boggled why anyone would want to buy some for themselves. But my email box has been flooded with listeners asking where they can find these disgusting candy canes, so I figured we get the information out to as many people as possible.

On Monday we kicked off a week of tasting the five worst-flavored candy canes ever produced. First was the pickle variety. Salty, with a brine mouthfeel, these didn't taste much like pickles, but more like a minty vinegar flavor.  After that came bacon candy canes. The taste was identified by three of our panelists, but I thought the flavor was closer to a burnt marshmallow.

The most disgusting flavor, believe it or not, wasn't the "Clamdy Canes," but the macaroni and cheese flavored candy. The pungent aroma of dirty socks stuck to our fingers for hours after trying it, and the taste was even worse.  Don't get me wrong, clam was also disgusting. The smell instantly made us gag, but the flavor was a little more subtle than you'd expect, which is a very good thing.

Finally, on Friday we tasted the roasted chicken. After a week of some really disgusting flavors, I think our palates were prepared for something nasty. A hint of rosemary and chicken broth made these a little more pleasant than the others, but still nothing I'd seek out ever again.

So, where can you get these nasty candy canes? Novelty stores in the area that we called didn't have any in stock, but all of the flavors besides mac and cheese are still available online at Archie McFee's website. And, honesty, the fact that the most disgusting flavor is no longer available is something everyone should be thankful for this Christmas. Believe us, not having to try them is the best gift you'll get all year.