Face it. We're all getting older. But in spite of being one of the world's most industrialized nations, are Americans really living that much longer?

Well, yes. However, new evidence shows that some states it much better than others.

ABC7 NY says that the US Burden of Disease Collaborators did an extensive study, comparing life expectancies in 2016 versus those in 1990. Overall, American life expectancy at birth went up from 75.5 in 1990 to 78.9 in 2016.

Looks it pays to live in Hawaii. They have the country's longest life expectancy at 81.3 years.

So how about New York? Some may say that bad winters and high taxes are cutting off years of their life, however the study shows that the Empire State ranked fifth overall, with a life expectancy of 80.5 years.

Connecticut ranked third at 80.8 years, and New Jersey eighth at 80.2.

Who was the lowest? Mississippi...where life expectancy is only 74.7 years.

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