If you're still working on this year's Christmas card list, you may want to get cracking. Experts say there's a perfect time to send them out, and it's fast approaching.

If you're planning on sending out cards to friends and family this year, there is apparently a right and wrong time to do it. Many families spend lots of time and money producing photo cards or lengthy newsletters, hoping to catch everyone up on those important milestones and events from the past year.

If you're looking to make the biggest impact with your Christmas card this year, you'll want to plan on sending it when it will get the most attention from your recipients, and according to Shutterfly, that's right now.

The photo greeting card giant has researched the best time to send out your Christmas cards. And according to them, you will make the biggest impact by getting those cards out between two to three weeks before Christmas. The rule of thumb is to get them in the mail by the end of the first full week of the month, which happens to be right now.

The reason this week is the best time to get your cards out is because you'll avoid what Shutterfly calls the "Christmas Card Rush." Predictably, most people get busy this time of year and put off sending out cards until the week before Christmas. As a result, mailboxes are flooded with cards every day. This puts your card at a disadvantage, competing for attention with dozens of other cards. Because of how busy people are during Christmas week and the amount of cards received, it's likely that your greeting will be ignored, lost or just glanced at quickly.

So, if you're planning on getting those pictures of the kids at Disney World out to the family and updating them on Junior's starring role in the school play, you'll want to do it this week. Otherwise, ll of that hard work may be for nothing.