I think I've been in quarantine too long that I've turned to my fish tank for some sort of entertainment in this weird world we live in nowadays.

Recently, I took advantage of a sale and upgraded my fish tank from a 15-gallon fish tank to a 60-gallon tank. Quite the jump I know, but I wanted to get bigger fish and up my game. So, I got the tank setup and added a bunch of fish, bringing my total up to about 14 fish in my tank.

Over the past few months, my fish are growing like crazy and are quite entertaining to watch. Seeing their behaviors and how they react to each other is pretty cool. However, I've reached the point of the pandemic where I'm searching for any other kind of entertainment than what I'm used to, so I create situations within my fish tank.

Whether or not these things I come up with are actually happening is irrelevant, as it gives me something to do as we live the same day over and over again. I witness their behavior and makeup situations that don't make sense like on a reality show. Like this fish hates this fish or this fish and that fish are having a feud. It sounds silly, but at this point, I'm desperate for anything different when it comes to keeping myself occupied.

Have you reached this point yet? It's totally believable considering the amount of time we've been going through this pandemic. What keeps you entertained at home? Leave your comments below.

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