I’ve lived in Poughkeepsie for over two decades, but last year was my first experience with hummingbirds. I’ve tried to attract hummingbirds to my yard for years, but last year was the first time they came. And they came every day. What a beautiful sight it was.

Needless to say, I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival this year. So, when exactly will the hummingbirds return to the Hudson Valley? According to Cornell University, we should start seeing hummingbirds in our neck of the woods in May. I’m really hoping they come back to my yard this year.

You may be asking yourself “what’s the best way to get hummingbirds to come to my house?” Glad you asked. According to Bird Watcher's Digest, hummingbirds love blooming plants. If you’re planting a garden, pick plants that bloom at different times so there is always something to attract them. Put something bright red or orange in your tree or garden. Apparently hummingbirds are attracted to those colors. They also recommend keeping your spider webs as hummingbirds use them to make their nests.

Last year I personally bought a couple of really nice hummingbird feeders. I can’t guarantee that it will attract more hummingbirds, but it seemed to work for me. And you can put your feeders out right now, even though the hummingbirds may not come for a couple of weeks.

If you are lucky enough to find hummingbirds coming to your yard or feeder, don’t forget to appreciate the grace and beauty. I put my feeder in a tree just outside of my kitchen window, and found myself watching them several times a day. They are pretty amazing creatures. Hopefully my tips will help. Enjoy the warm weather months and the hummingbird show.

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