With far less people able to dine out and more staying in during a pandemic, the world reached to their phones and desktops to place their dinner orders in 2020. What exactly did the Hudson Valley, and the rest of the world want to eat? The answer is probably not that surprising, according to the NY Post.

A company called MoneyBeach analysed Google search data from around the world, and found that PIZZA was the top food related query people around the world looked up in 2020. Pandemic or not, it's been one of the most convenient takeout or delivery foods for many years. It can be stored in one, easy to carry box. You don't have to worry about multiple side dishes and other orders all spilling together and making a mess. And, even if you order takes a  while to get to your home, pizza can easily be reheated and doesn't get soggy as quick as something else, like an order of french fries. You can even eat it cold, if you prefer.

Chinese food placed second, with the United States, Mexico, Australia, the U.K. and China making it their top search. Sushi placed third, according to the research from MoneyBeach.

People need to eat of course, and will do so more often when stuck inside or facing times of stress and anxiety. Look at Election Night. This past election may have been one of the most tense in recent memory. Well, there was data about what people ate that was collected that night too. Google Trends announced the results of their "near me" queries from Tuesday night, and it seems people wanted food and booze. Some of their most searched items included; liquor stores, Chinese food, pizza, sushi, and Mexican food. Google also said that people searched more for alcohol and finger foods as the night went on. French fries were another item Americans wanted election night, according to Google. Well, who doesn't love some good fries? 

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