Spider Crickets. What the heck are they? I have heard of spiders. I’ve heard of crickets. But until a few days ago, I had never heard of spider crickets. And I’d never seen one either. I was okay without knowing. But now it’s too late. Apparently, spider crickets are the latest insect that everybody’s talking about, and we’ve got them right here in the Hudson Valley. I personally know somebody who found one in her Hudson Valley home.

So, what are these gruesome looking creatures? They’re also known as camel crickets, camelback crickets and cave crickets. I still never heard of any of them. According to farmersalmanac.com, they are called spider crickets because their legs resemble those of a spider, but they’ve only got six of them. And the back legs are longer like a cricket. They’re not very pretty, are they?

We have them here in New York State, and even here in the Hudson Valley, so don’t be surprised if you see one in your home. Again, according to farmersalmac.com, like stink bugs, these spider crickets are accidental invaders, which is why we may not know about them. They like wet wood, clutter, and they hang out in groups. And they’ll gnaw on your stuff like fabric, carpet, wood and cardboard. And other spider crickets.

The good news is that even though these spider crickets are creepy and even a little destructive, they are relatively harmless. They don’t bite or fly, and they’re not toxic. But they are gross and you probably don’t want them hanging out in your house. So, make sure everything is dry,  caulked and sealed and your clutter is at a minimum. Ugh. Spider crickets.


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