Sounds like fun right? Sit home, play music, talk every once and a while, sounds pretty easy. Oh, how I wish it was that easy.

Well, I spent the entire week last week doing my radio show from home. Yes, luckily technology has reached the point where we can do that now. I was sick, which led to my entire family getting sick, and having to be tested for COVID. We all tested negative, but having everybody home, trying to work and do school work makes for a very interesting week indeed.

So let's paint the picture, shall we? My kids are set up in the living room doing schoolwork, using their awesome desks that myself and their uncle built. My wife was set up in our bedroom working remotely. Where am I to go? To the princess suite, of course, meaning my daughters' bedroom.

All week, just me sitting in my kid's room, using their television as a secondary monitor, surrounded by barbie dolls, and pink stuff. "I feel pretty, oh, so pretty". Anyway, I used two tray tables for a desk to hold up my computer and microphone, etc, not ideal, but it works.

The crappy side of last week was the fact that my company laptop decided it was a good time to stop working, but I made it over that hurdle.

For the most part, my kids know that when I'm recording, they need to be quiet, but that doesn't mean it always works out like that. I can think of many times that I was recording when suddenly a fight breaks out in the other room and they're yelling and stomping around.

The working from home schedule is much different than the normal routine. You get to work for a little while, then you have to get the kids a snack, then five more minutes of work, then they need help with math. Then right when you think you're getting things done, it's lunchtime, then get the kids on their last Google meet for the day.

Make sure you turn the TV on for them to keep them occupied while you attempt to finish work. By now, it's pushing 5 O'Clock and you feel like you haven't gotten anything done.

You usually finish your work by 10:00 p.m. and then it's time to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. I will say the best part of working from home, is wearing sweats all day without a care.

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