How could this be? I wear the mask everywhere, my hands are raw from hand sanitizer, I stay away from people. After all this time, could I really have COVID?

What an interesting week it has been, as over the weekend I became ill and am still battling whatever has taken over my body. Whatever it is, came on very quickly and knocked me on my you know what.

It started with a post-nasal drip late Friday night, okay no big deal, been there done that. I did what I normally do when I feel that way, increased my fluids, took an immune booster, and went to bed.

Sadly, when I woke up Saturday, I felt like I had been run over by a bus. Throughout the day, I drank plenty of water, tea, immune boosters, and rested pretty much all day. Then Saturday evening my temperature went over 100 degrees, and my box of tissues was depleting.

I took some sinus and congestion medication and went to sleep, or should I say attempted to sleep, as I was incredibly uncomfortable, and sweating way too much for my liking.

Sunday rolls around, and I wake up feeling actually really good. The congestion in my head had moved to my chest, but it wasn't too bad. By the afternoon, I had reverted back to feeling like trash again, and my fever returned. What the hell right?

I have never had a fever, whether low grade or high last longer than 24 hours in my life. So at this point, I'm like "okay, maybe this isn't your run of the mill upper respiratory infection I used to.

Meanwhile, the whole weekend I was waiting on a call-back from my doctor which never came, and has yet to come. So on Monday, I called another provider and scheduled a telehealth visit that same day. While the doctor said it's most likely an upper respiratory infection, given we're in the middle of a pandemic, he sent me to get tested for COVID.

Now, I have to wait three to five days for the results, and it's the worst. While I feel much better and my fever has finally broken, I can't hug my kids, or be around anyone. It's a sad day when your six-year-old walks by your bedroom wearing a damn mask on her face.

Do I think I have COVID? No, I don't. Do I hope my test is negative and I can return to work again like a normal human? Absolutely. Is this super annoying? Yup!

What gets me is, I follow the rules, I wear the mask, I sanitize, I wash my hands, I stay away from people, yet here I am. Maybe it was a sign for me to slow down, maybe I was taking too much on, who knows.

While I sit here waiting for the phone to ring informing me that my test was negative, I'm thinking of how not to put myself in this position again. What can I possibly do that I haven't already?

I guess at the end of the day we know one thing, COVID is real, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Protect yourselves and your families, wear your mask and be like Georgia Satellites and Keep Your Hands to Yourself.

- Smitty

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